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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Evil Empress of the Sea

Went out to lunch with the folks today.  It was a nice, sunshiney day :)  Other than that I took it easy for the rest of the day.  The last course of treatment has really drained me.
I "set up shoppe" on my couch.  This consisted of a nice cup of tea, my drawing pad, prismacolor markers and pencils.
I started work on my piece for this week's Macabre Monday challenge: Evil Empire.  We are to draw inspiration from one of our favorite Disney movies.
So, I went with Ursula from the Little Mermaid.  This is my version of the villain:
I found these awesome fashion templates at idrawfashion.  I used it as my centerpiece. (the fashion template only consists of her head without hair, torso and part of her legs).  I did the rest.
Prismacolor markers
I sketched a bit.  I napped a bit.  Then I sketched some more.  Then came a very long get the picture.  The finishing touches were some glitter here and there for some bling for the Forever Night Add some Bling Challenge.
Not too bad for a day's work.  What do you think?  Who's you're favorite Disney bad apple?
Thanks for stopping by!
Mary xoxo

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Awesome artist alert!

'A Woman of Substance' by Octavio Ocampo
Original painting by Sandro Del Prete
I came across this artist's work by chance.  I was just browsing through YAHOO and he was featured!  This guy brings surrealism to the next level!
You can see more of his work here.  What do you think?
Have a great week everybody!
Mary xoxo


Cakewalk (noun): an easy task
This is one of the words from my list of favorite words.  I like how it just rolls off the tongue and any word with "cake" in it is just awesome.
It's also the name of my up and coming blog: Cakewalk by KWOK
Life has NOT been cakewalk for me recently.  Everyone has there ups and downs.  So I asked myself, what really makes me happy.  I LOVE art.  But what could be better than to share with others so that they can create something of their own?
Hence, Cakewalk by KWOK was born; making an already enjoyable activity easier!!!
I'm going to be creating digistamps that you can download for FREE.  All I ask is that if you do use one of my creations, that you give me a shout out on your post and if you want, email me the direct link to your finished creation so I can see your awesome creations!
Cakewalk by KWOK will be debuting March 28th.  Mark your calendars!
Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for updates!
Live a colorful and creative life, namaste
Mary xoxo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Garden of Good and Evil...

It's been a very long day; so this will be a short post.  I needed to unwind and what better way than to hold on to that last ounce of consciousness I have to finish up a piece for the Garden of Good and Evil challenge for Macabre Monday.  I have had this awesome image from A Day for Daisies for the longest time and never found an opportunity to use it...until now.
Colored with Prismacolor markers
Lettering and Apple in branches sketched by me:)
I copied and flipped the image to create this beautiful creature. The theme made me think of Eve and the Apple.
Oh, a bit of good news...I received the honor of the Liebster Award for this blog!!!  Thank you Andrea :)
Not familiar with this award?  No prob.  Stay tuned.  Details to come.  But I am late for my date with the Sandman.
Thanks for stopping by!  Good night and sweet dreams.
Mary xoxo

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love lies bleeding...

Life has been unkind recently, so I'm kind of  in a funk.  When I saw this week's theme over at Macabre Mondays it was perfect.
So, I poured myself some Merlot and took out my ink pens and Sharpies.

Ink sketch
(Sketched my own hand for this one)
Love can be delicate and beautiful like a rose; but it can still hurt you and bleed you until you have nothing left.  It's ironic how one thing can heal, can also destroy.  Ugh, I need more wine.  Until next time.  By then I would have come out of this funk.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wow, I was selected for Gruesome Twosome for this!  What an honor!